Who’s to blame: the disturbing case of the “Millennials” and how we can stop it from happening again, Part 2

Dear young Millennial parents, A short time ago, I voiced my concern about the style of worship I was encountering in otherwise evangelical Christian circles.  Immediately, I was chastised by a young Christian for criticizing other Christians’ styles of worship.  “We are to be kind and mind our own business,” is a paraphrase of what [...]


I was an impatient child, a fact that doesn't surprise anyone who knows me now.  Putting jigsaw puzzles together was enormous challenge for me.  I would start optimistically by separating out all of the straight-edged pieces that would create the outside border.  Sooner or later, however, I would hit a piece for which I could [...]

The Beauty of Daughters

I’m writing this from the Starbucks near my daughter’s dance class where I wait for her to finish practice. Having dedicated a post on sons, it’s only fair that I chat a bit about the only gender I know personally from rearing--girls. I recently read the great article published by Dr. Carol Langlois entitled, “Fathers, Daughter, [...]

Praise Him?

 Everyone likes a “good job” stamp, but there seems to be evidence that a gold sticker for the sake of making a child feel good, may not accomplish the intended goal.A recent study conducted by Ohio State University has concluded that inflated praise of children with low self-esteem may actually make the self-esteem of the [...]

Ubi Pus Ibi Evacua

The parent with “issues” is sometimes easy to see:  the mom who still wears skinny jeans, the dad that cusses out the umpire.  But the sin of loading our own baggage into our children’s luggage compartments is often more subtle.  It influences everything from the way we prioritize discipline to the way we choose conflict [...]