A Counseling Practice

SB (Somebody’s Baby) Counseling is my private practice in Marietta, Georgia.  I can also do distance counseling through an encrypted webcam server if you are in the state of Georgia.  For a private consultation for counseling, email jeff.sbcounseling@gmail.com .  For more about me, read the blog post “Why Me?” Some things about me:

Speciality: I specialize in counseling for Mood and Anxiety Disorders, counseling for teen males, and counseling for those who have been hurt or abandoned by spiritual institutions.

Perspective: Although my Logotherapy theoretical approach is firmly rooted in an integrated Christian worldview, I am also eclectically influenced by Mindfulness Training, Sand-tray World-play therapy, Poetry Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. As a Christian therapist, there are many points where my worldview does not agree with these theoretical perspectives. I view the deepest desire of man to be one for peace and meaning.  In New Testament texts, the Greek word for peace is eirene which also means “whole.” While I do see a purpose in reflecting on the past at times, I do focus on the present–being mindfully in the now as the client searches for meaning and tries to fill the deepest need of becoming whole.  Because of my strong faith perspective, I will not be the right match for all clients.

  • My goal from the beginning of counseling is to end counseling.  I do not see therapy as a life-time process.  I see it as a road to problem solving.
  • I do not accept insurance.  I schedule sessions in 15 minute units costing $30 per unit.  You may purchase 16 units for $300 and use those units any way you like. However, if you cannot afford that rate, let’s talk about alternatives. I have made a spiritual commitment not to let my price get in the way of those I can serve.
  • The first consultation session does not commit you to any further sessions.  If we are not a fit, I will help you find someone who is….at any time in our relationship.
  • I have various options for meeting places.  Under certain conditions I can meet face to face with you at your location. I am also trained to do distance counseling through the use of web cam on a HIPPA compliant site.
  • My degrees are in education and in professional counseling.  I have a B.S.Ed. from Armstrong University in English Education (1987), an M.A.T. in English Education from Georgia State University (1991), and an M.S. in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University (1998).  I have been ACSI certified in English, Counseling, and Administration and Supervision.
  • Why are you called “the hostile therapist”? Are you mean? I don’t think so. Years ago I got the nickname jokingly for my refusal to use false sympathy to make people feel better. I’d rather we all face the truth.


  • The Anxiety and Depression Association of America
  • The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
  • Sandplay Therapists of America.
  • The American Counselor Association and its divisions: The Association of Child and Adolescent Counseling, The Association of Creativity in Counseling, and The Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling.

Licensure:  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor,license no. LPC008119. You may verify my license at sos.georgia.gov/PLB.

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