What (really) Happened.

12 thoughts on “What (really) Happened.”

  1. Sorry to hear about this. I wish we could have confidence that Christian organizations would act in a consistently Christian way. But the sin and brokenness of this world infects all of us.

    The flip side is that our sovereign Lord brings good out of evil. Our Savior suffered the most evil injustice imaginable, but the result was the salvation of the world. That doesn’t make the injustice – in His case or yours – any easier to bear, but it helps give a larger perspective on it.

    1. Amen!! Stay focused on WHY HE has worked in your life… for HIS glory. Not on the circumstances in which it took place. Some things have to be ugly in order for us to truly depend on HIM.
      Every hurt, pain and battle is an opportunity to deepen your bond with him. Don’t pass it up! Throw that ego out of the window. HE is ALWAYS faithful (as you now know)…obey and follow his lead❤❤❤

  2. I’m sorry Jeff for your family having to go through that. May the pain of betrayal subside as time stumbles forward.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you were treated in this way. You are still the first name that is spoken when my husband and I talk of God’s goodness to us during some hard high school years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  4. Peeps: I honor you, your wife, and your family. And as one who has been significantly marked by your role and teaching in my life – thank you for embracing vulnerablity in writing these words.
    Thank you for embracing vulnerablity as a teacher- the way you teach is marked with grace and truth.

    As Parker Palmer says: “Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique,- good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.”

    You are marked by grace, wisdom, and integrity- and a really really good teacher.

    I am deeply deeply sorry the past years have been marked by pain, betrayal, and unanswered questions.

    But if I may, although I only speak as one on behalf of the many students you have poured into over the past 20 years…

    Thank you for continuing to speak hard, raw, vulnerable words; and thank you for continuing to teach.

    Thank you.
    You are seen, heard, and your heart for discipleship & reconciliation is not in vain.

    Thank you for pouring out your life for the sake of the Gospel.

    Thank you for teaching, as well as setting an example of what it looks like to walk as one with teachable spirit.

    1. I wish I knew your identity, but God bless you for your kind words. He shows His faithfulness to us everyday, but most especially when we don’t deserve it.

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